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  • The Highly Developed Person

    Greetings. As I was setting up my new office in Boise, Idaho, I came across this document. Although this document came from a leaderhship training I attended almost 20 years ago, it's relevance and importance seems even greater for today's leaders.

    The Highly Developed Person

  • Why Traditions?

    At our grandson’s college graduation this past weekend, I settled into the experience and was forced to examine my long-held beliefs about ceremony and tradition.
  • Put Down Your Phone

    From The New York Times:

    Putting Down Your Phone May Help You Live Longer

    By raising levels of the stress-related hormone cortisol, our phone time may also be threatening our long-term health.


  • Words Matter

    Simply put, words do matter. In the words of the late Dr. Judith Glaser, “Words create Worlds.”

  • We Already Have a Wall, and It's in Our Education System

    This past weekend Steve and I were fortunate to spend time with two young college students. Shyann, a student at John Jay College, and Jana, a student at Sarah Lawrence College and the daughter of my dear friend Hadeel. Their visit left Steve and me feeling more optimistic about the future of this country. I hope you enjoy the article from Guest Author, Shyann Cooks. 

  • Why Managers should use their ‘three brains’ to make decisions

    Leaders making difficult choices should learn whether to listen to their head, heart or gut feeling says Karlien Vanderheyden.

  • How do you spend your time?

    Yesterday at yoga, our teacher read us this passage from A Writing Life, by Annie Dillard. It was thought provoking for me – hope it is for you as well. Happy Reading!

  • How Do You Really Know?

      I took my car to the dealership where we purchased it for an oil change and routine maintenance.  The dealership owners keep a refrigerator full of 4-ounce water bottles – very considerate of them. I finished one and, and getting ready for my second, asked an employee if they had a recycle for the empty plastic bottle. He said no and told me to toss it in the wastebasket.

  • If I had a Do-Over

    At some point in our lives, we all likely think about what we would do if we had a do-over opportunity. I’m no exception.

  • Can You Coach a Binary Thinker?

    Donald Trump recently and publicly tweeted that he is against domestic violence. Since the opposite of against is approval, this position seems like a logical no-brainer. It is also a perfect example of binary thinking.

  • Being Awed

    So much of our time can be caught up in the mundane  - just staying current on daily living with work and chores can be enough. My husband Steve and I decided to break our routine and head to Washington D.C. for the march. We were two among thousands of people who came out to protect our democracy.

  • Certification, Designation, Licensure, and Accreditation, Oh my…

    Hypothetically, let’s say you go to your medical facility and they advise you that the medical professional you will see today is through medical school (accredited) and has decided not to take the licensing exam. The new medical practitioner will reduce the cost of your visit by 50%. What do you do?

  • Misogyny: Looking Back

    Misogyny: Looking Back

    Alyssa Milano decided to elevate the Weinstein misogyny to a broader discussion of serial misogyny that has existed, and continues to exist, in what many of us hoped was a more enlightened society. Sadly, looking back,

  • Emerging Science: The Game is Changing

    Last week April Armstrong (one of our Justice Coaching Center coaches and consultants) and I attended four-day coach certification training on mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques). Over the past two years, I became drawn to the notion (and subsequent research) that our complex neural networks operate in the heart and the gut as well as the brain.

  • What's Next?

    What's Next?

    Finding hope in chaos seems an appropriate exploration of the world that has me pondering, “what’s next?” I admit that recent national and global events have left me feeling somewhat down.

  • Do You Walk Your Walk?

    What does walking have to do with leadership? Plenty!

    Having vision, being able to move forward, creating connections and exchanging ideas are all facets of effective leadership. One simple way to advance these assets is to walk.

  • Coaching Better Justice

    Coaching Better Justice

    Hon. Barbara J. Rouse (ret.)
    and Jan C. Bouch, Psy.D., PCC

    One day a highly credentialed and experienced attorney, the next, a novice judge. It is a transition marked by paradox-elation and anxiety, excitement and frustration, self-assurance and insecurity, certainty and disconcerting revelation. At a judge’s investiture, replete with fanfare and congratulatory speeches, a new judge’s past accomplishments and performance are celebrated. The following day she is the junior judge in a hierarchical court structure, subject to a new set of ethical and administrative constraints, including oversight by a chief justice1 or presiding judge.

  • Coaching the Mirror

    Coaching the Mirror

    My trifecta happens December 25th through December 31st – Christmas, my birthday, and New Years Eve. This year instead of speeding through a whirlwind of activities, I decided to slow down, take a breath, and to coach... myself.I was determined to ask and answer some important questions about my 2015 and upcoming 2016.

    As I stepped back and thought about my year, the overwhelming sense of gratitude for my good health struck me as I considered the vulnerable events that occasionally popped up to remind me of the brevity of life.

  • Triggers


    Marshall Goldsmith’s new book is titled Triggers (2015). The timing of its publication is particularly meaningful for me as I had an upfront and still resonating experience with one of my triggers. Goldsmith defines a behavioral trigger as any stimulus that impacts our behavior. It can be direct or indirect; internal or external; anticipated or unexpected; encouraging or discouraging, and productive and counter-productive.

  • The Gift that Keeps on Giving

    The Gift That Keeps on Giving

    I belong to an online professional community. Recently a member put forth an interesting question –

    She asked, “if there were one piece of advice you could go back in time and give yourself at an earlier point in your career, what would it be?”

    I waited and read the responses wanting to see if anyone would mention hiring a coach. Not altogether surprising, no one did (well, I did, finally). Thinking more about both the question and responses, I remembered having a conversation with a high-level executive who casually suggested that

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