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  • The Highly Developed Person

    Greetings. As I was setting up my new office in Boise, Idaho, I came across this document. Although this document came from a leaderhship training I attended almost 20 years ago, it's relevance and importance seems even greater for today's leaders.

    The Highly Developed Person

  • Why Managers should use their ‘three brains’ to make decisions

    Leaders making difficult choices should learn whether to listen to their head, heart or gut feeling says Karlien Vanderheyden.

  • Certification, Designation, Licensure, and Accreditation, Oh my…

    Hypothetically, let’s say you go to your medical facility and they advise you that the medical professional you will see today is through medical school (accredited) and has decided not to take the licensing exam. The new medical practitioner will reduce the cost of your visit by 50%. What do you do?

  • Minimum Wage – Minimum Effort

    image of work harder

    On a recent trip to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Williamsburg, Virginia, Steve and I navigated the perils of I-95 through NYC, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. The infamous hazards include texting drivers, constant roadwork, and more than a handful of multiple car accidents.

  • Compassion is Good for Business

    The world compassion written on a river rock

    I was listening recently to a podcast and was struck by the statement, “compassion is good for business.” Over the subsequent days, I thought about compassion, how to access it, its role in leadership, and in general, compassion’s value when deeply rooted in our overall humanity.

  • Talent Development

    Talent Development

    UP is not the only way to develop talent. Is your organization a train station or a destination?

    To keep star talent, organizations need to employ a variety of development opportunities and tools that stretch, risk, reflect and learn. Developing future potential is a key leadership responsibility and coaching is a gift that underpins an individual’s ability for the right forward movement aligned and supported by leadership.

    Coaching is a gift and a great resource for keeping and growing your best staff.

  • A Case Study - Talent Development

    A group of elected officials experienced coaching through the use of a validated instrument that assesses learning index, behavioral characteristics, and motivators. Through this experience, they were able to recognize that some individuals perform better in certain roles than did others and use this information to increase their effectiveness.

  • Talent Development

    Nobody is born a supervisor, manager, or executive. We may bring some inherent abilities that identify future potential. How to use and enhance those skills come through accurate assessment, intentional design, and focused support.