T.Z., Health and Human Services

Coaching is a partnership and a facilitated process of honoring and celebrating who we are uniquely and provides tools that enables us to reach our potential. For me, coaching was transformational.

Rebecca Feldhaus Adams

My work with Jan is something I refer to constantly when people ask about my professional trajectory. She is smart, thoughtful and kind, but what I loved most about Jan is that she came to me where I was, without judgment or condescension. She helped me clarify my path and identify how to take it, and I'm so grateful.

Theresa Richmond Associate, VP Human Resources

C - Compassionate
O - Optimistic
A - Attitude
C - Challenging
H - Healing  
Jan has made an art out of coaching! She asks the right questions, does not let me get away with much, and continually seeks to assist me to grow in my professional life.

M.S., Senior Counsel, VELCO

In my view, the key to success was Jan's preparation for focus on, and commitment to tailoring her work to the individual person - each exercise and dialogue was geared to me, specifically.