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  • Resiliency Coach Training



    My colleagues and I are pleased to announce a new 60-hour ICF accredited program on Resiliency Coaching.

  • The Highly Developed Person

    Greetings. As I was setting up my new office in Boise, Idaho, I came across this document. Although this document came from a leaderhship training I attended almost 20 years ago, it's relevance and importance seems even greater for today's leaders.

    The Highly Developed Person

  • How Do You Really Know?

      I took my car to the dealership where we purchased it for an oil change and routine maintenance.  The dealership owners keep a refrigerator full of 4-ounce water bottles – very considerate of them. I finished one and, and getting ready for my second, asked an employee if they had a recycle for the empty plastic bottle. He said no and told me to toss it in the wastebasket.

  • What Makes a Team?

    Over many years as a consultant, trainer, and educator, I have been asked to provide training to build teamwork among employees. I’ve done lots of these training over the years. Recently I had the unexpected experience of working as a team, and this blog will share my surprising learning’s from experience.

  • Misogyny: Looking Back

    Misogyny: Looking Back

    Alyssa Milano decided to elevate the Weinstein misogyny to a broader discussion of serial misogyny that has existed, and continues to exist, in what many of us hoped was a more enlightened society. Sadly, looking back,

  • Coaching Better Justice

    Coaching Better Justice

    Hon. Barbara J. Rouse (ret.)
    and Jan C. Bouch, Psy.D., PCC

    One day a highly credentialed and experienced attorney, the next, a novice judge. It is a transition marked by paradox-elation and anxiety, excitement and frustration, self-assurance and insecurity, certainty and disconcerting revelation. At a judge’s investiture, replete with fanfare and congratulatory speeches, a new judge’s past accomplishments and performance are celebrated. The following day she is the junior judge in a hierarchical court structure, subject to a new set of ethical and administrative constraints, including oversight by a chief justice1 or presiding judge.

  • A Case Study - Education, Training, and Coaching

    A west coast county health and human services department provided leadership coaching to enhance collaborations with the justice system and other county departments dealing with child welfare, mental health and alcohol and substance abuse. 

  • Coach Training

    Our Professional-to-Professional: A Model for Professional Development program has equipped highly successful professionals with the coaching skills to work with peers within their organization. 

    Program Reviews

    The coaching relationship itself was tremendously fulfilling in creating a special bond with a colleague and providing a broader framework within which to understand my own work. 

    I believe firmly in the principle of continuous self-improvement, and I think this program supports that in a very effective way for both coach and coaching colleague.

    I found it to e a very valuable program and believe I have developed a relationship with my colleague that will last forever.