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  • FDR was, and is, Right!

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    As we head into a new and surprising presidency, we are experiencing more tumult than usually accompanies the traditionally peaceful transition of power in our democracy. We are witnessing the appointment of “business” people to cabinet positions who have little or no experience in running governmental organizations.  This has led to widespread concerns about the difference between running an organization focused on profit for those who own a piece of the corporation (stockholder) and those who have no stake in its success.  

  • A Case Study - Caseflow and System Management

    A west coast general jurisdiction court recognized the need for stronger collaboration among the justice system partners to reduce wasted effort, increase the quality of outcomes, and reduce the cycle time for people involved in litigation. 

  • Caseflow and System Management

    The core business of every court is resolving the disputes that come before it. Caseflow management is the techniques used to define the business process and expectations for the participants in that process. Successful court systems engage the system partners in defining their caseflow management systems to reach mutually defined goals that provide fast, fair and reasonably priced justice.