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  • Resiliency Coach Training



    My colleagues and I are pleased to announce a new 60-hour ICF accredited program on Resiliency Coaching.

  • Why Managers should use their ‘three brains’ to make decisions

    Leaders making difficult choices should learn whether to listen to their head, heart or gut feeling says Karlien Vanderheyden.

  • Certification, Designation, Licensure, and Accreditation, Oh my…

    Hypothetically, let’s say you go to your medical facility and they advise you that the medical professional you will see today is through medical school (accredited) and has decided not to take the licensing exam. The new medical practitioner will reduce the cost of your visit by 50%. What do you do?

  • Just for Today

    Today, the 12th of November, I along with hundreds of others celebrated and grieved the life and death of Neil Taylor.

  • Coaching Better Justice

    Coaching Better Justice

    Hon. Barbara J. Rouse (ret.)
    and Jan C. Bouch, Psy.D., PCC

    One day a highly credentialed and experienced attorney, the next, a novice judge. It is a transition marked by paradox-elation and anxiety, excitement and frustration, self-assurance and insecurity, certainty and disconcerting revelation. At a judge’s investiture, replete with fanfare and congratulatory speeches, a new judge’s past accomplishments and performance are celebrated. The following day she is the junior judge in a hierarchical court structure, subject to a new set of ethical and administrative constraints, including oversight by a chief justice1 or presiding judge.

  • A Case Study - Coach Training and Certification

    A New England medical care system asked for a presentation on the practice of coaching and adding coaching skills in a medical environment. The medical care system has recently engaged the Justice Coaching and Consulting to provide coach training medical supervisors and managers.

  • Coach Training and Certification

    Coaches improve individual and team performance. From the soccer field to the boardroom, coaches improve team chemistry and performance. Coaching skills should be part of all supervisor, manager, and executive toolboxes.