Executive Coaching for Individuals

Executive Coaching for Individuals

Leadership is Lonely

Whether you are new or seasoned in your leadership role, every day presents issues, options, possibilities and risks. Leaders with emotional intelligence work to build assets in staff, prepare them to be resilient and change ready in times of turbulence, and create environments that support work/life balance. These leaders care less about hierarchy and more about building a workplace where people bring their best selves each and every day.

If you are a leader who want to work with a coach in a confidential, focused and safe environment, contact us. A safe place to land doesn’t mean we won’t challenge you on your assumptions, ask you to think about and perhaps change or revise your mental models, push you to create innovative approaches and options. It doesn’t have to be a lonely journey.

Coaching is a gift. Give it to yourself or someone you care about.



Jan Bouch is an unusually versatile and capable organizational professional. Not only is she adept at organizational and team development, but is also a gifted executive coach with a special talent for helping leaders identify and work through what could otherwise be career-long challenges and limitations. Dr. Bouch has an astute understanding of the needs of the organization and the individual and a wonderful ability to balance and bridge them.

RANDOLF F. SNOWDEN | Retired Director | Napa County Health and Human Services Agency (2005-2013)