April H. Armstrong

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April H. Armstrong, has helped dozens of technical organizations succeed with high-stakes projects and initiatives valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. She rose through the ranks in a large entrepreneurial consulting company, by attuning to market needs and delivering value. 

She built a multi-million dollar niche business area helping technical and business leaders navigate large-scale strategic change, and was instrumental in stabilizing multiple high-risk projects and client relationships.

As one of four expert facilitators in a company of more than 45,000 employees and a former Division manager, April facilitated more than eighty strategy meetings, expert panels, and consensus-building sessions with executives, technical experts and project managers.

April is an expert when it comes to helping organizations successfully navigate the people-side of change, and its essential counterpart, transition.

A lifelong athlete and active triathlete, April understands and is energized by high performance. April is certified executive coach and a master certified coach trainer.

April H. Armstrong
Executive Coach/Master Certified Coach Trainer

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