Justice is a universal concern for the fair and reasonable treatment of the people.  It is expressed in the genuine respect for people and the rule of law. Whether in a family, a workplace, a community or a nation, complex systems thrive when there is perceived justice and struggle where there is not.

The Justice Coaching Center is committed to helping build successful justice systems. 

We work to support the achievement of collaborative, focused and effective leadership and the development of the human capital of the entities involved in civil and criminal justice systems.

Justice Management Institute 


During its 20 year history, JMI has conducted more than 300 projects designed to improve the administration of justice, nationally and internationally. JMI is guided by three principles—Think, Inspire, Change—that represent a holistic approach to change management and overall justice system improvement.

JMI thinks about emerging and pressing issues by conducting original research and evaluation designed to both understand the nature of the problems facing justice systems and practitioners as well as to test the effectiveness of various approaches to responding to these issues.

JMI inspires criminal justice practitioners and policymakers through our education and training programs.

Finally, JMI helps bring change to the administration of justice by providing on-site specialized services to help local justice systems and individual stakeholders within the systems to design andimplement different approaches to improve their overall effectivene


Aha Insight


AHA Insight helps organizations succeed with complex, sensitive, high-stakes projects and initiatives. Our sweet spot is the "people" aspect of change. A woman-owned small business, we help you maximize stakeholder engagement, develop your people, and increase team effectiveness through executive and middle manager coaching, strategic communication counsel, expert facilitation, and internal coach training.


Vital Leadership


Vital Leadership Coaching serves the needs of corporations and businesses, pulling from all the assets of our bricks and mortar company presence in Essex Junction, Vermont. Our skilled cadre of professionals integrates a scalable and robust approach to bringing coaching into the workplace.
At Vital Leadership Coaching we are committed to helping leaders retool their thinking to:
  • Beat the mindset of scarce resources;
  • Builds keen and compassionate awareness;
  • Be relentlessly committed to what matters most;
  • Be nimble and flexible in choosing and executing strategy;
  • Create what's possible.

Jan coached me with the goal of developing my leadership potential and impact in the company beyond providing excellent legal guidance and she exceeded my expectations. Jan understands the suite of lawyering skills and the potential lawyers generally have to influence systems and results, but was also able to guide me, personally, to bring more to the table--to bring more of my unique self and my values to positively influence the company’s decisions and its culture.  In my view, the key to success was Jan’s preparation for, focus on, and commitment to tailoring her work to the individual person—each exercise and dialogue was geared to me, specifically.  If you are looking for help that is authentic, tailored to the person and organization, from someone who cares deeply about her work and the lives she touches, Jan is the right person.

MARK SCIAROTTA  |  Senior Counsel  |  VELCO


Coaching isn’t something that is only for developing or deficient leaders.  Coaching is a valuable tool for everyone who wants to be the best they can be wherever they are at in their career, or even in their life’s journey.  Everyone has strengths, sometimes we need help in exposing and maximizing them.  Everyone also has “blind spots”, or those things about us that we cannot see.  Coaching helped me identify my strengths that could be leveraged for more effectiveness while also mining important information about me that was hidden from me and others; that once discovered, could also be developed into professional and personal assets.  Coaching is a partnership and a facilitated process of honoring and celebrating who we are uniquely and provides tools that enable us to reach our potential. 

Specifically, I had the opportunity to assess my leadership traits and skills using a validated instrument and the results reflected strengths and recommended strategies to either enhance areas that would enable me to be a more effective leader or better understand the natural tendencies I have based in personality in order to manage to positively influence and lead.  The recommendations provided the basis of one-on-one in depth conversations that took place over the course of several months.   Key to my positive experience was having an excellent coach who listened, cared, validated, celebrated and adeptly drew from me important insight into who I am and facilitated the process of developing how I want to behave as a leader.  For me, coaching was transformational.

TERESA ZIMNY  |  Napa County Health and Human Services


I worked with Jan from 2005 - 2010 during which time she was the key ingredient in moving our company from a traditional top-down structure to one where functional department managers were empowered to manage their business units in an interdependent, organic way. Our CEO had been in place for 20 years and was trapped in the daily decisions of the company which was keeping her from addressing the strategic planning and business development that was necessary to remain a market leader in a highly competitive, luxury goods market, at a time when the economy was breaking many a competitor.


As the HR Manager, I recommended Jan, who brought to us a variety of tools and strategies than made for a very smooth and easy transition. Through coaching our CEO and me and providing individual support for business unit managers, the CEO was able to discover talent she had suspected but not seen in her managers and to build a higher level of trust that enabled them to function more independently.


The manager group developed into a leadership team, with their sights set on company growth rather than on individual performance. The CEO - who embraced the transition, but nonetheless needed support in "letting go" of the daily administrative, was able to move into a role as a strategic leader and successfully led her team through a period of uncertain direction through two ownership changes. Although I left the company in 2005, I am delighted to see that they did more than merely survive the challenges of those difficult financial times, and that most of the management team are still enjoying success there.

WENDY BRUCE  |  Former HR Director  |  Domaine Carnero Winery