Justice is a universal concern for the fair and reasonable treatment of the people.  It is expressed in the genuine respect for people and the rule of law. Whether in a family, a workplace, a community or a nation, complex systems thrive when there is perceived justice and struggle where there is not.

The Justice Coaching Center is committed to helping build successful justice systems. 

We work to support the achievement of collaborative, focused and effective leadership and the development of the human capital of the entities involved in civil and criminal justice systems.

If you are looking for help that is authentic, tailored to the person and organization, from someone who cares deeply about her work and the lives she touches, Jan is the right person.

MARK SCIAROTTA  |  Senior Counsel  |  VELCO

Key to my positive experience was having an excellent coach who listened, cared, validated, celebrated and adeptly drew from important insights into who I am and facilitated the process of developing how I want to behave as a leader.

TERESA ZIMNY (ret.)  |  Napa County Health and Human Services